The Ocean in Our Kitchen

I am a lover of nature since as long as I can remember and now that I live near the ocean, it is amazing to me how much I feel as if it is vital to me as I age. What I have learned over the last few years is just how much we as humans depend on the ocean for a slew of things. Most of them, we are not even aware of and we tend to take for granted. Armed with this newly discovered information, I have lately been sharing it with friends and family members in an effort to change their views on how the ocean impacts the way we live and what we eat.


Ocean and clouds picture


The ocean is a vital resource and there have been lots of studies done over the past few years that demonstrate just how the ocean works as an integral part of our food resources. For those out there that may be asking themselves what the ocean does for us, well I can tell you now. Where exactly can we see influences of the ocean in our foods?


Well, it is present in chocolate milk, peanut butter, the toothpaste we use to brush our teeth, sunscreen, makeup, and many other items. The first of these four include carrageenan, a red algae in the ocean that aids in giving these products consistency. Did you know that the sunscreen you buy with a factor of over 50 comes from the coral reef? It really doesn’t matter where you live, the chances are fairly great that the products you use are coming from the ocean and her are few more of them:


Ice cream and spoon


  • ice cream (that contains carrageenan)
  • yogurt (which contains agar, known as a thickening agent)
  • salad dressing (which contains algin, known as another brown algae)
  • cake mixes and shampoos (which contain kelp)
  • allergy medicines (come from sea whip corals and aid against inflammation)


These are just a few of the things that come from the ocean that make life more enjoyable, and since the ocean helps to meet our needs through jobs, food, clean air, medicines, and more, we should be more thankful and grateful that it exists. But the last century or so, it seems as if we do not as the oceans are in a bad state of health at the moment and we really should be doing more to ensure they return to their former glory. With World Oceans Day on June 8th, here are some things you can do to help the ocean and Mother Nature’s gift to us.



  • Eat fish the proper way that is caught in the proper way



You probably have already heard about fishermen that look for sea creatures that are near extinction. Try to buy seafood that is locally sourced, especially when you are eating out.



  • Speaking Out



Whenever you see something, say something. That means contacting your local congressperson or senator and telling them to support certain acts that protect the oceans.



  • Adopt Coral Reefs



We only have a few in the world and they must be protected as they give us breakthroughs each year in cancers, diabetes, and other diseases and illnesses that can be terminal. If we lose the coral reefs, those could dry up and affect our health in a totally new way.

Best Breakfast Ideas in the Beach

There are plenty of people that consider themselves home chefs, and as such, they are always looking for the best frying pans on the market that they can rely on to be oven-safe, nonstick, and constructed to be able to withstand constant use. After consulting with a lot of professionals, and then testing the top of the charts for premium class pans, we were able to determine which ones were best able to flip fried eggs, bake cornbread, and sear steak to perfection.


Up first for websites to consider was from here I was able to get information on the best omelette pan reviews from, and I was told to check this site as well and that helped me come to a better conclusion.


KitchenAid Nonstick Frying Pan

KitchenAid Nonstick

This is probably the most popular frying pan on the market and my personal favorite for several reasons. What is it about this pan that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack?


  • consistency
  • performance
  • affordability


Whatever we cooked in this pan turned out great – from the fried eggs to the cornbread to the steak – all of which were evenly heated and cooked on a surface that is nonstick. These are the pans that are primarily used in test and commercial kitchens according to most expert reviewers’ claims. In their opinion, that extra layer of copper that is placed between the aluminium  ensures that everything heats up faster in comparison to other regular frying pans.


We tested a slew of pans and this one always stayed cooler and still was able to cook meat at approximately the rareness in just about the same time. I have seen others on the market for about $60 and this one is a bit  more expensive (something some previous buyers have mentioned), but you definitely get what you pay for her and it is a great mix of both construction and quality. For this price, you will more than likely think twice as it is built to last for up to five years, far longer than most pans. In tests, we found it to be highly durable and there were no scratches to the surface.


I would have to say that everyone I spoke with about the KitchenAid was fairly impressed as soon as they go their hands on it. The handle was easy to handle and comfortable and as soon as we began testing, it delivered across the board, often outperforming the contenders that were nearly twice as much. I would advise adding a bit of oil or butter if you prefer that slippery experience.


I love that it is totally dishwasher safe, and the instructions that come with it are pretty standard. You only have to wipe it with some soapy water and it is once again looking as new and shiny as when you buy it. The manufacturers also advise bringing liquids to boiling temperatures before you add salt so that pits or white dots don’t show up over time on the nonstick surface. The limited warranty that comes with this frying pan covers workmanship defects and manufacturing, so anything related to wear and tear must be taken care of by the buyer.


All-Clad Stainless Steel Nonstick Skillet

All-Clad Stainless Steel NonstickThis one is an upgrade compared to other models out there in both performance and looks – it weighs about the same as the aforementioned one, and is similar in being oven-safe and induction-friendly. It performs about equally against other frying pans when it came to cooking and damage testing, even outperforming others in the fried egg tests. Here are some reasons to consider it:


  • great for serious chefs
  • affordable
  • user friendly


For those that are serious chefs, this is definitely the one to consider. It is known for cooking well and evenly, a must-have feature for those that are serious about their cooking. The layering here is impressive and is part of the reason why it is so loved by the general public. I will note that this one doesn’t boast handles as comfortable as other brands, so it gets a bit difficult to maneuver and hold for some users. It’s also a lot more expensive than other models, about $50 more. Still, it is perfect for a housewarming gift.

Make the Beach Fun for the Kids

I know that most people do not typically think of Canada as a beach destination, but what many are not aware of is that the country has plenty of stunning beaches, many of which you may know within this article. This list is just a few of the many beautiful beaches that the country possesses and you would be amazed to know that there are many more that are great that are off the beaten path.

Family eating happily near the beach

I love beach holidays because it is a wonderful time to spend time with the family. We enjoy a healthy breakfast at the start of the day, do clean-ups and then we spend the rest of it playing and swimming on the beach. When we go with our kids, we have a great time and learn a few new games and also take up a few activities too. Here are some activities that we engage in that are fun and maybe you and your family may enjoy as well.

  1. Sand Digging

For many people, there is nothing like sand digging. We even have managed to dig so deep that we have made small tubs on the beach that we lie in. There have even been a few sand castles over the years. Just remember that you should fill those holes back once you decide to leave the beach so that it is safe for other families using it.

Required: shovels, attentive skills

Skills Developed: lowering and lifting objects

  1. Mini Golf

I personally love golf and pretending that I am Tiger Woods, but I can also play mini golf with my family near sandy links. You can even buy inexpensive sets of balls and clubs at a dollar store in your neighborhood or a sports store.

Required: a mini gold set

Skills Developed: coordination, striking

  1. Frisbee Golf

Children playing at the beach shore

Played on the beach, you will have lots of fun and can even set up targets along the beach. Take turns playing with your kids and try to keep frustration to a minimum.

Required:  one frisbee

Skills Developed: learning to throw

  1. Water Relay with a Bucket

I know my kids love to race and when at the beach, it is the perfect place for them to even make up their own obstacle course.

Required:  bucket, carrying tool per child

Skills developed: agility, balance

  1. Flying Kites

Required: a kite

Skills developed: learning to run a kite

  1. Limbo

Playing at the beach is fun because you won’t have to worry about hurting your joints and you don’t have to be so physically fit either. It was created in Trinidad, but there is no reason why your family cannot enjoy this island game!

Required: a bar (music optional)

Skills developed: balance, tumbling

  1. Beach Bowling

To bowl at the beach, all you have to do is find some empty bottles to line up or alternately bring some from the dollar store. You won’t have to rent shoes for beach bowling and anyone, any age can play.

Required: bowling balls and pins

Skills developed: bowling

  1. Beach Volleyball

We love beach volleyball and my kids are especially big fans. If you don’t know how to play, you can also just pass it back over the net, counting the amount of times without dropping the ball.

Required: a volleyball

Skills developed: throwing, volleying